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Nederveen Cosmetics - Enschede

Nederveen Cosmetics Enschede  is an amazing perfume store in the city of Enschede. Located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. I place not around the corner for me. But they serve a part of the Netherlands. With their web-shop there are no limits any more. Generous people, willing to give free samples when you visit them. They carry some special brands that no one has in the Netherlands. Like the exotic Shaik perfumes from Bahrein. Or if you want to try Creed's Green Valley, you have to be at Nederveen Cosmetics. 

Inside the store

My first contact with the store was Stella Deiana, who writes about perfumes that Nederveen Cosmetics is selling. The owner of Nederveen Cosmetics is a creative salesman. He has been well known in the world of fashion for years and able to combine knowledge to advise people on a higher lifestyle level. To my opinion Nederveen Cosmetics goes off the beaten track. Able to think out of the box. Because they work with direct sources for their luxury goods, to serve you. 

I spoke to the owner and he told me about his passion for perfumes. The philosophy of the business is to have an informal atmosphere where people can be themselves. If you want you can even smoke in the store, it is fine. When I entered the music was a little too loud for a perfume store, but not disturbing. That’s how they work. Drinks are served. It feels like being at home. Besides all this, Nederveen Cosmetics organizes fancy meetings between people and is able to make connections in a nice atmosphere.
How Nederveen Cosmetics characterize themselves:
At Nederveen Cosmetics we think beyond the product, we will give you a total experience when you come to our perfumery. 
Testing some amazing fragrances

At Nederveen Cosmetics they know what they do. But still the owner approaches his love for perfumes and other luxury goods like a hobby. He works intuitively. Always on the move to approve the quality of products. You can feel the love and passion for quality in everyone working at Nederveen Cosmetics. But if you want you can also purchase perfumes at their professional web-shop. If you  have a chance to visit this store dear perfume lovers, do it. It's a joy.
The brands Nederveen Cosmetics carries are:

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